Monday, October 20, 2008

Baseball & 21


It has been said that the Red Sox will break your heart and while they didn't exactly break my heart they did disappoint me!!! After the best game I have seen in a long time Game 4 being down 7 to 0 at the top of the 7th to win it 8 to 7 in the ninth oh yeah they had me hooked!!! And then they make it all the way to game 7 to BLOW IT!! Oh Well what can you do? So I guess for the World Series Go Rays!!!


Alright so it is about 25 Days until my 21st birthday and like any sensible young adult I am planning a trip to Las Vegas for my celebration - the Las Vegas Temple that is- and I am so EXSTATIC!! My B-day is on the 13th but because of Jordan's annoyingly crazy school schedule and way high WeekEnd prices we are waiting to go until the 25th of November (Thanksgiving Vacation). I am SO excited to go to this temple I have been to the St. George and Manti temples but I can't wait for the Vegas one. I have heard it is Gorgeous!! Plus I was told it has a COURTYARD - now if you have been around me lately you should know that I have this strange obsession with Courtyards lately- and so I'll have to say is "It had me @ courtyard" LOL. We are going down on the 25th and coming home on the 26th - So we can make it to Sevier County for thanksgiving- If anyone would like to join us feel free - The More the Merrier.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Go Red Sox

Okay so I have a confession - I LoVE the Red SoX!!! I began watching them last year during the world series and Have been hooked ever since. They have just won the American League Division Series agains the Angels and are now playing the Tampa Bay Rays beginning Friday for the American League Championship!! I am so ExCited - I knOw theY arE goIng to wiN another World Series this year!! Go Sox!!