Monday, October 3, 2011

Kaizley Ella

So I can't even say I have been a blogger, but now that Kaizley is here I figured this will be the best way to keep track of things. Warning this is more for me than anyone. Kaizley is already a week old and I can't believe it!! I apologize for the overload but here it goes!! Kaizley was due on Oct. 14 and my pregnancy was flawless. In June we moved to Vernal and I became a stay at home (almost) mom. I had way too much time on my hands and was ready with all her stuff with about 6 weeks left. I couldn't believe how stir crazy I got and I was so excited for her to get here.

On September 20 I had a routine prenatal appointment. I drove myself over to Roosevelt and luckily Jordan got off work in time to meet me there. We went in and strangely enough I had high blood pressure. I blamed it on the traffic and construction so I wasn't too worried but my Dr. sent us over to Labor and Deliver for non-stress test. Of course my blood pressure immediately came back down. Baby was still breech at this point and we decided that we would try and physically turn her. So the next day I went the hospital where I was hooked up to machines and pain meds for 4 hours just to have baby stay right where she was so I was told to come back for a stress test on Saturday and that everytime I came to the hospital to have my bags packed and ready to have a baby.

On Friday, Sept. 23 Jordan and I decided to have date night because we weren't sure when it would happen again. We went to dinner and got a movie and enjoyed spending time together. Good thing we decided to have date night because about 1 am I woke up with really bad chest pain. I called the hospital and they told me to wait it out and if I didn't get feeling better to come in. After about 4 hours of being in pain I got Jordan outta bed and off we went! Needless to say longest ride to Roosevelt - EVER! We got to the hospital and I was sure they were just going to tell me to go home. My blood pressure was a little high but immediately came back down. We were waiting for blood work to come back when a different nurse came in and said they were admitting me and that we would be ready for surgery by 7:30 am. We were both in shock but got ready for surgery. Come to find out I had severe preeclemsia showing up in my blood work as low platlets and that my liver and kidneys would soon start to fail if we didn't have baby.

About 7:30 on the dot the I was taken to the OR and at 7:57 am Kaizley was born measuring 5 lbs 12 oz.18 inches long !! We got to see her for a few minutes after she was born but then she was breathing very well. Jordan went to the nursery and I got taken to recovery. Shortly after a different Dr. came in and told me she was going to be life flighted because she just wasn't breathing so good and was needing a ventilator. A sweet nurse made it possible for me (still numb from the chest down to be taken to the nursery to see her before she left. I got to spend about an hour with her - just touching her little head because of all the wires. Life flight came and loaded her up and then off she flew.

Jordan left a few hours later to go be with her at the University of Utah hospital and left me behind. In the meantime I was able to have my Aunt Brenda, Uncle Dwayne, and cousin Hillary happened to be in Roosevelt so they came to keep me company. My parents and sisters had went to Vegas on Friday to meet my brother Cody's new baby Peyton, so when we called on Saturday and said we were having a baby they were 8 hours away. My parents came and stayed in Vernal and my mom stayed with me in the hospital until the discharged me on Monday so I could go see my baby. On Monday night my parents took me to Salt Lake and I got to hold Kaizley for the first time even though she had tubes and wires going ever which way.

Kaizley proved to be stronger than we thought and immediately got better and better. We spent a week in the Nicu (worst place ever it is so happy because it is full of babies, but it is so depressing because it is full of babies just trying to survive and parents just doing their best to hold it together - I do not wish that place on anyone and I pray for those who have to spend weeks and months there that they may be able to go home soon). On Sunday Oct. 2 Kaizley came home and is doing awesome. She slept the entire 3 hour ride home.

She is such a sweetheart and has the cutest little personality that I'm sure will keep us on our toes for the rest of our lives. I am so grateful to have her healthy and strong!!