Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TaG frOm BriTnEy

Favorite person outside of family: Sadly I don't really hang out with anyone that is not family!!
Guilty Pleasure: JUNK FooD ~ if it is bad for me I LOVE IT!!
Quirks about me: I totally contridict myself because I HATE beINg aloNE but I CaN"t staNd to socialize I HAte beIng arOUnd NeW peOple - Im NeVEr conTenT
Any regrets in life: My PasT pAved the RoAd that gOt me HeRE ~ ReGreTS yes ChanGEs None
Favorite Charity/cause: I adMit I aM a sucKeR for donAtinG ~ I sweAR someONe couLd ask me to dONate a Limb to a GooD cauSe and I wouLD giVE my LeGs
Favorite Blog recently: EveryOne I LiKe to See HoW My FaMily MemBErs thAT I donT sEE vERy ofTeN are doINg
Worst job I ever had: I haVe haTEd eveRy job I haVe evER had at 1 point or another buT nonE of THeM weRe reAlly that bad I just really liKe chanGe and geT boarD with my JOBs
Favorite quoTE: (Too Lazy to try and pick my favorite a bible verse right now) We May Not Have it All Together, but Together We Have It All.
Any Confessions: I contridicted myself - I HATE beinG alONe but I haTE socIalizINg- I am never SatiSfieD and I constaNtLY neeD chanGe!!
When are you most relaxed:WheN I am JuSt siTTing with JordAn @ the verY end of the DaY watchINg a rerun of the SimpOns whiLe JOrdAn eaTs his NighTly bowl of Ceral & I try to convince hIm to SharE with ME.
When are you most stressed: I GeT sTreSSEd ouT wHen thERe is an IssuE in MinE and JOrdAN's lifE thaT we HavE totaLLY unDEr conTroL and EveryOne ElsE trIes to MakE it into a BiG IssUe LiKe wE don"t knoW how To haNdLe oursElves and liKE we aRe stUpid.
What can you not live without: JORDAN
Why do you blog: beCauSE my moM KepT bUggINg me aBout geTTing onE pluS aLl my couSins arE on HeRE
Who are you tagging: AnYone wHO waNts to do this

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hey everyone so I have figured out I am really bad at blogging. I like to decorate my blog but I forget to write in my blog, so here it goes. On August 29 - August 31 my mom and Kadee came to visit us. I needed to but out signs for my work at all the homes in the Parade of homes so my boss bought us tickets to go see the houses. On Saturday we got up and spent 6 hours driving from house to house and we got to see some gorgeous houses. I thought it was awesome - even though most of the houses' master bathrooms were as big as my whole house LoL. We had a really fun weekend and Kadee and me got really good at sticking those stupid signs into the ground. - Thanks for your help Dee.

I mentioned before my car was broke and 5 Grand (thank goodness for waranties) and three trips to the doctor later you would think it was better - but that is where your wrong. I finally got my brand new car back after two weeks of being "Fixed" and on the way home from St. George it killed on us twice (No we didn't even make it home before the stupid thing broke again). So we tried to figure out another plan to get it back to St. George and in the mean time the car basically worked so I just drove it - cheaper on gas then the truck. So yesterday I was at a stoplight on my way to work, the light turned green, I let out the clutch, and did I go - No I sat there with a line of cars honking at me behind me in the middle of morning traffic let me just tell you how fun that was. Luckily there were some nice guys behind me and they pushed my car out of the road. So Long story short Jordan drove the car Back to the doctor this morning before school (the car died on him 4 times before he got there) and I am back driving the old reliable chevy.

In the meantime may I take a moment and say OH BABY!!! At the office where I work there are three brothers that own the company, 1 driver, and me and in the last 4 months there has been 5 babies born!!! CRAZY!!! My one boss had TWINS (1-boy and 1- girl) in May, my other TWO bosses had BOYS in august and our driver had a GIRL on monday - that makes 5. So needless to say we are up to our ears in babies around here and all I get is there dads LOL!! NOt to mention the handful of people I know that are expecting - ConGrats and GooD LucK to evERyonE with little BuNDlEs of JoY!!

Well that is all for my super exciting life LOL.

Monday, September 1, 2008

SuMMer RecAP

Since I am StiLL New to This I figUred I woulD takE a moMent to RecAp on our suMMer!! This summer kind of StarTed ouT in tUrtLed SpeeD to SaY the Least. In MaY we hAd a FuN triP in VegAs for Our 1st AnniversarY and that was basicAlly the only vacation wE took thIs YeaR ~ and We hAd a BlaSt!! During May & June JoRdaN had a HecK of a TimE finDing a Job in the slow economy and haD a LoT of FreE time; however, now looKing BacK I reallY took aLL that frEE timE for Granted becAuSe noW thaT we are @ the eND of the sUmmeR JordAn has 2 Jobs, a fuLL scHedule of Classes and Is home to SLeeP. NeeDless to SaY I am fiNalLy LeaRninG how to EnterTain myself.

IN JuNe we werE able to go To the St. GeOrge Temple with My ParEnts where I receIved My EndoWments ~ Such an AwEsome ExperienCe!!! WhEn wE camE OuT My LittlE SistEr's were WaiTing foR us and We GoT to HanG Out on the TempLe grOundS WiTh thEm I am VeRy GraTefuL to haVe thEm in My Life and even MoRe tHanKFul that TheY can Be StucK wiTh me For ALL EterNity thrOUgh HeaVenly FatHer's Plan. At thE end of June we attEnded the MANTi teMplE wheRe JoRdan anD I were seAled for all TimE and ETERNITY.

IN JulY we WerE aBle to SpenD the 4th of July with Both oF ouR faMilies and had Such a Good Holiday juST havINg picniC's and of CourSe GoIng to the RodeO!! For the 24th of July JOrdaN had 2 WorK but I drovE down for The DAy and got to SpEnd tiMe with CodY and His FaMily and My MoM and SistEr's ~ i FeeL verY BlEssEd to Live so CloSe to bE abLe to See My FamIly whEnEveR I want. At thE eNd of JuLy we BouGht a neW CAR!!! FinalLy!!!

August Flew By and we kNeW our GOOd LUck muSt comE to an EnD BecAuse we hAd had such an amazing SuMMEr we knew our LuCk wouLd evEntuaLLY run Out. We got JordAn back Into schoOl JusT in TiMe for oUr Brand NeW car to bReaK DoWn - So iT CuRRently DoEsn't movE and I aM noW shaRing The LovEly trUck with JorDan whilE my CaR geTs FixEd. iT's amAzinG thaT someThinG has To Go WrOnG for ME to AppREciate all The GOOd thiNGs that HappEn. I FeeL verY blEssEd to be MaRRied to JorDan, to LiVe in such a GreAt plAcE, havE an AwEsoME warD FamIly, an AMazIng JoB that I LoVe, and To Be SuRRoundeD by SuCh an AMAzinG fAmiLY whO LoVes me thrOUgh all My Ups And DownS.